Mid-South Search and Rescue Dog Association (MSSARDA) 

The Mid-South Search & Rescue Dog Association is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the goal of providing highly-trained and certified K-9 teams to assist in the search for lost or missing persons.

  • All Mission-Ready K-9 Teams have met the requirements and been certified through evaluations and testing conducted by the National Association for Search & Rescue (NASAR). Each K-9 handler is certified as a NASAR SAR Tech II before certifying with his/her dog as a mission-ready team in their specialized discipline. We do not self-certify.
  • MSSARDA has qualified, experienced, mission-ready dogs in each of these specialized areas:
    • Mantrailing
    • Wilderness Area Search (Air Scenting)
    • Urban/Disaster Search 
    • Human Remains Detection (Land)
    • Water Recoveryo
    • Evidence Recoveryo
  • MSSARDA responds only to requests for assistance from EMS or law enforcement agencies in charge of search operations; we do not self-deploy.
  • MSSARDA is committed to providing highly-trained and reliable resources to assist and work under the direction of those authorities in charge of overall search management. We willingly provide input and guidance concerning the most effective use of K-9 resources under any given circumstance--we do not manage search operations, however.
  • Since MSSARDA is a non-profit volunteer group, members are solely responsible for their training, equipment, and care of their canine(s). No payment is required for our services.



call #662-252-1004 or text to # 901-626-2535

For additional information about MSSARDA, contact mssarda.unit@gmail.com

oSince NASAR does not offer certification in these disciplines, Evidence and Water Recovery K-9s are certified through other independent, nationally-recognized organizations or agencies.